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Alle Kategorien > Smalltalk > Off-Topic > Foosball table
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Autor: Mark.c
Erstellt: Okt 01 2017 - 12:34
Betreff: Foosball table
I'm Mark and I am a foosball player with a blog about foosball.The reason why I decided to start a blog about foosball is to help people who want to learn more about it. I know, when I started playing foosball I was so lost I had no idea about counterbalanced players, the difference between solid and hollow rods, the fact that there are different layouts and different types of balls, I was completely blank. I wish I had some site about foosball when I was a rookie and because of that, I made this blog. And the fact that I love talking about foosball. :D so, you can see my blog here on this list of top table soccer

Anyway, on my blog, I have reviews of other foosball tables and parts, but I would love to hear your opinions. Which are your favorite foosball tables and why? I want to hear that because I am sure I have missed some great tables and I want to correct that.
Share your favorite tables with me! I would love to hear what you have to say.
Anzahl Nachrichten: 1 - Seiten (1): [1]
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